Working from Home- day 15 {Home Office Organization}

I’m so excited to share my home office organization with you today! I was an Interior Design major in college so form and function make my heart flutter!! 

31 days 205 button

So, we know I stay organized with my iCalendar synched across all my devices but what about my home workspace organization? I have a File tub/Cube turned sideways that hold my binders and notebooks when not in use. It also elevates my lamp, which I prefer for a more even lighting on my work space.


I like to keep a big binder with all my saying info in at close at hand when I work, I also have a notebook just to write notes in to remind me of client styles or shape when I am working. I also have shortcuts and important info on my bulletin boards above my desk. ($7 from Target, really)

IMG_1570I also have a Pottery Barn File Organizer, it’s perfect for files I need access to on a frequent basis as well as pens, highlighters and stuff….I have an extensive Starbucks You are Here Collection and I love the green boxes that they come in. Perfect for holding small notebooks and journals…


What is you favorite Office Space Organization item?


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