Work from Home- day 17 {How to work outside your home office aka at Starbucks}

So, just because you have an efficient home office doesn’t mean you have to be shut up there all day everyday. I like to schedule 3 afternoons out of my home office a week, yeah it sounds like a lot but it’s a great way to get up and get out. 

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On days I plan to work outside my office, I prep my work bag ahead of time as best I can. Stashing away my calendar, pencil bag and headphones. I always work in the morning once I am done I pack up my laptop, cords and work notebooks and sometimes my big Stitch Fix binder.

Once I arrive at Starbucks, I stalk, scope out, wait for a 4 top table in the corner next to the outlet to open up…once I have my spot then I plug in, get my drink and settle in to work a few hours. If I am working with others, I don’t use my headphones and opt for conversation and feedback from them. If I am alone, I have my headphones in, I don’t always listen to music, sometimes it’s a podcast or I just put in my headphones and listen in on the voices around me.

The key to working outside my home is to getting my spot and working hard when I get there. No social media, no blogging, only work. I work my 2-3 hours and always treat myself with a cake pop, because we all deserve a cake pop from time to time.

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