Work from Home- day 20 {Staying Encouraged when it gets tough)

Here is the meat of my 31 days challenge, the hardest part of working at home is just that you’re at home and most of the time working alone. It is so easy to get discouraged when you are alone. My dad works in sales and is alone for the most part, he says working alone or from home is like being on an island. We take encouragement where we can get it. 

31 days 205 button

Now being encouraged it can become an ego thing, like I am doing so well see all these people praising me…but true encouragement comes when you doubt yourself. I am a perfectionist and I doubt myself 24/7. I shouldn’t I mean I have had a phenomenal 2 months at work, like my best yet.

So, while I love encouraging others and inspirational quotes are my at home encouragement, honestly I just need to hear it from my lead, or co workers that I am doing a good job. I see feedback from my clients, that is both a blessing and a curse. So having a good sit down and telling them my struggles and getting insight from them helps me know I am doing a good job and that I do know what I am doing when I doubt myself.

So, thanks dad for showing me how to stay positive and create meaningful business relationships with my boss, co workers and my clients.

What is the greatest piece of advice or encouragement you have received as a work from home professional?


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