Work from Home- day 27 {eating healthy}

Oi, eating healthy. Yikes. Ok, you’ll had to know this would come up at some point, I just saved it to the end. Here are my tips on eating healthy while working from home. 

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First of all, don’t buy crappy food. No cheez-it crackers, no pizza rolls, no box of cookies. Yep, I have probably lost a few of you and now if you are willing to cut out the crap from your pantry then you can eat well and work at home. If you don’t buy it you aren’t tempted to eat it. Here is what you should buy. Snack on fresh fruit and nuts through out the day, buy a water bottle and work on drinking it twice throughout the day. I have a cup of coffee in the morning with my cinnamon swirl bread then the goal is to drink my entire water bottle by lunch…have another half water bottle with lunch, usually a salad with vinaigrette dressing, crusty bread and a slice of cheese…once it cools off I can have soups! Then in the afternoon I refill my water bottle and snack on cashews, almonds or peanuts,  unsalted and raw. No need to add more sodium to my diet.

I make dinner every night, so to prep for dinner I stop working at 3pm each day to pull out everything I need to thaw or prep for dinner. Once I am done I go back to work until I am done for the day.

Yep that is a cake pop from Starbucks in my picture with a Tentra Vanilla Frap, splurge every now and again. I don’t have a cake pop after each work session at Starbucks, in fact I limit myself to ONE drink a week. It’s harder than it sounds.

What healthy snacks do you have when working? 


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