Work from Home- day 29 {How I relax}

I am a busy body, relaxing is really hard for me. As a busy body, I have found a good trip to the gym or an easy 5K is the perfect way to refresh my mind and relax. I also love to relax by coloring. I can sit down at my kitchen table, cause my desk isn’t beg enough for my coloring books and color pencils, and color a few hours away. I also enjoy sitting in my rocking chair, listening to the birds outside and journaling.

31 days 205 button

I haven’t gone on a run in a few weeks, still recovering from my half but I am back at the gym using the bike and weights, the cool mornings beg me for a run but I promised myself no serious runs until January. I want to make sure my body…ie feet are completely healed before I start again. Running relaxes me because I can go and not worry about emails, texts, or things on the computer. It’s all about putting one foot in front of the other and filling my lungs with air…

Mile 7

Adult coloring with my friend Stacie, is a fun way to loose a few hours. We go to our local coffee shop, get our favorite drinks and talk about anything we need and we have each other to consult if we can’t decide on where to go next!

From Land to LakeWM

My husband relaxes at the end of the day by watching TV, it helps distract him from the day and puts his mind at ease. I am not a huge tv watcher, so it doesn’t do much for me, there aren’t a lot of shows I am totally enthralled with and have everything put down and watch.

How do you relax? Is it a trip to the spa? Occasional massage? Or a day at the bookstore?


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