Working from Home- day 30 {What 31 days has taught me}

The great part about this 31 days writing challenge is I get to challenge all the readers to make changes to their work from home lifestyle but in the end it also teaches me a whole lot. I learned while blogging about different facets of my schedule I need to do better, such as scheduling time for me as well as what is working really well for me. I need to make more time for inspirational things in my schedule and push myself to work more often since I’d like to reach a 29 hours styling consistently…and maybe reach full-time?

31 days 205 button

I also need to make dedicated time to blog, I love blogging, journaling and writing in general. It is so fun! But I also love my job. Since starting this challenge I set up a regular schedule to style with my fellow stylists at our local Starbucks 3 times a week! This forces me to get out and focus on work when I am distracted or unmotivated, it still happens!

What did you learn this 31 days? Did you make an changes to your work from home lifestyle?

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