Work from Home- day 31 {End of write 31 days + 31 days of getting dressed}

This is the end of our write 31 days challenge, this month we talked about working from home, our challenges, joys, staying encouraged, staying healthy and inspired when you are balancing home and work all from the same location.

31 days 205 button

Remember the work you do as a work from home professional is important and hard, just because you don’t go to an office each day doesn’t mean you are slacking off there at home. Working from home takes a special dedication and time management skills to be successful.

Keep yourself encouraged and reach out to other work from home professionals, make time for yourself, whether that is a trip to the gym, a walk in the park or a special treat from Starbucks after working super hard.


To wrap up this series here are remaining days of #31daysofgettingdressed

Since, I didn’t talk about this at all over the last 31 days I figured now was as good as a time as any. You may or may not know, I am a stylist with Stitch Fix. Don’t know what Stitch Fix is? Stitch Fix is an online stylist, you fill out the Style Profile, attach your Pinterest Board and Schedule a Fix. Items average in price around $60 a piece. A stylist reviews your body shape information, style preferences, Pinterest board, and weather to send you 5 personalized items to fit your needs. When your Fix arrives, try EVERYTHING ON! 🙂 Your $20 Styling fee per Fix, goes toward whatever you choose to keep, and you only pay for the items you keep. Send everything back in a pre paid envelope included in your Fix. Check out online and let your Stylist know what did and didn’t work and why. And that is Stitch Fix!

This wraps up our 31 days of working from home! Thanks for joining me and I hope you learned something to inspire you or make you more productive!

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