Color Therapy through an Enchanted Forest

In college, I took a color theory class. It was seen as a joke, I mean what was there to discuss? The professor led the class through a series of exercises working with color in various forms, I walked away from this class with a greater understanding of color and it’s presence in the world in advertising, nature and fashion.

A ship in the nightWM

Earlier this year, my husband was listening to NPR and an interview of Illustrator Johanna Basford and her adult coloring books, Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest. Her newest book, Lost Ocean has since come out. Soon after this my husband sweetly ordered both of her original books for me. I have had a few different adult coloring books and hers are by far my favorite, they have a loose theme and as you move through the book you experience the story. And her images are detailed enough without stressing me out.

From Land to LakeWM

My Utensils:

I color with a set of 48 Prismacolors plus a blender pencil, sharpener and eraser. That is it.

Up in the AirWM

My friend, Stacie and I love to catch up at our local coffee shop, PSL in hand and color a few hours away every few weeks. It’s relaxing and fun. I admit, I feel silly coloring as an adult but my talents have never been in drawing, it’s always been about coloring. Even in my interior design classes in college, rendering was always my favorite.

What do you do to relax and help you think creatively? Adult coloring has been amazing for my creative perspective and has invited me to notice the colors all around…

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