Accidental Saints

I knew I’d love Nadia when I saw her tattoos. As one who has thought a bit differently on what the gospel means to love thy neighbor, I see a soul sister in Nadia. You see I’m drawn to people who love Jesus that don’t fit the textbook definition of what a Christan should look like. (Thanks Protestant southern upbringing)  In, Accidental Saints, Nadia uses strong language, strong stories and the liturgy to illustrate the love and life of Christ in the everyday lives of the people she has encountered. She will have you laughing with her honest self reflections, and crying with her humility in finding grace in God’s plan to love both the sinner and the saints.

Her writing reminds me of Anne Lamott, who I desperately love and enjoy reading. Simple acts of people who aren’t perfect and sometimes who don’t know God end up telling and living the gospel for Nadia in her church and community in Denver Colorado.

If you love Anne Lamott, or are looking for something that breaks through that annoyingly positive Christian surface given by most then I recommend this book for you. The best part of this is she is not trying to convert or prove her version of faith is better than yours (I really hate that).

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. Grab a copy & enjoy her loving and humorous tone, HERE

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