Wear It Wednesday | New Year’s Looks

For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne.
We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.

today on wear it wednesday adventurous shelby and i are chatting about new year’s looks!!! i love a good party outfit (not that i ever go to parties that i need to dress like this for but that’s why these posts are so fun for me to do…). i have five select outfits as ideas for you!

Wear It Wednesday with Shelby & Kaylaall of the items are $50 or less (unless they are noonday accessories) and i am not an affiliate of anything however – if you purchase through the noonday links i DO get a commission from that.)

first up: Glitz and Glamour – this look is perfect for a night on the town or at the club. modest but flashy, this one is adorned with gold and sparkle. like you’re the party’s own disco ball. can’t beat that!


i love this look. i’d rock this almost any day. another sparkly one but we’ve subdued it by putting a rockin leather jacket over the top of our sequined top. the fringe booties add an element of elegance while the streamlined earrings keep it edgy.


this look is a more classic approach to new years. the subtle beauty of it makes it very audry hepburn. a simple, elegant dress under a very attractive belted trench coat is timeless, then add a modern and edgy look of the sheer mesh leggings and the horn lariat necklace, and you have a completely timeless new year’s outfit.


this look is very fitting for a simple family/friends game night. it’s comfort level reaches a 10 with a sweater, jeggings and cozy vest. you can top it off with an elegant scarf and clutch and you have a perfect casual new year’s party look.


this is a great look for either a family party or out on the town. the sparkle of the gold sweater and streamlined earrings gives a great feminine appeal, while the black pieces have a very edgy and intense element to this simple, comfy cap-sleeve dress.


what do you wear on new year’s? do you get all dolled up or stick to something more casual?

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