What to pack in your Carry On for a 10+ hour flight

You are finally treating yourself and going on a long trip to an exotic location, across the globe to see the sights and immerse yourself in culture…there is one thing in your way, a 10 + hour flight…what do you really need? What happens if your checked bag is lost? Here is my go-to list for my long flights!

  1. Face wipes- yes to cucumbers- these don’t require rinsing after using and your face feels so refreshed, perfect just before landing.
  2. Colgate whips- if you don’t want to keep your toothbrush and paste easily available these are perfect after the last meal before sleeping and again just before landing. There is nothing worse than everyone at the airport knowing you were on that 10 hour flight from SFO to Heathrow based on your breath…
  3. safety pins- seriously you never know when you’ll need a safety pin.
  4. ALL medications – if your bag gets lost you’ll want these.
  5. contact lens case & solution
  6. glasses (I usually wear mine on the plane as my eyes get so dry when I am tried)
  7. journal and pen- perfect for journaling, planning minute details for the trip or sketching, great alternative to sitting in front of a screen for 10+ hours.
  8. scarf/light jacket- I prefer to wear a jacket and scarf onto the plane. Roll the jacket and use as a pillow if you don’t want to bring one and a blanket scarf is perfect unfolded as a blanket or wrapped around your neck running through the airport
  9. small pillow or neck pillow
  10. book/kindle/ipad & any and all cords
  11. headphones & ear plugs
  12. eye mask (NECESSITY)
  13. passport & itinerary
  14. compression socks- if your feel swell you’ll thank me for this one. I pack mine in my backpack then put them on once I am settled into my seat.
  15. A complete change of clothes- if your bag does go missing trust me you’ll want something clean to wear the next day. I tend to pack a change of under garments and a tee shirt, jeans and outer layers are usually ok for wearing an additional day.

What to pack in your carry on for 10+ hour flight | Adventurous Shelby

What is your must have item on long flights?

3 thoughts on “What to pack in your Carry On for a 10+ hour flight

  1. I did some of them even on short haul flights. I went to Turkey in 2006 and packed clean undies and socks, my toothbrush and toothpaste along with some other random bits just in case my bag got misplaced. I did similar for France on the Eurostar out of habit of sorts and Chris thought I’d gone bananas!

  2. These are all must-haves for me! I’ve never had a flight this long, but for international flights – it feels like forever between the time I part with my luggage and when I’m at my destination! Face wipes and deodorant have saved me many of times 😉

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