Recalling Greece 2012 {Istanbul & Thessoliniki}

In March 2012, my husband, recently graduated from Truett and I made a journey to Greece with about 50 of our closest friends, classmates, spouses & faculty.

Philippi Top ImageOur trip started on March 9 flying out of Dallas to Chicago before getting on Turkish airways flight to Istanbul arriving at 3pm on March 10th. I deeply regret not having a day in Istanbul, I’d love to see the city and the architecture. Thankfully, our luggage arrived with us this time, it was delayed when we flew into Tel Aviv in 2011. We had dinner at the hotel that night, we were so tired. I don’t sleep well on planes, I’m always so excited to get there.

After a sleepover in Istanbul, we got up the next morning and flew to Thessaloniki, where we met our guide, Eva. She started our trip with the Archeological museum and Basilica which dated back to the Renaissance. Before a 4 hour break until dinner, which meant we took a nap as we tried to recover from the flights there. The exciting part of our trip began on day 2 when we left Thessaloniki for Philippi…

Have you been to Greece? Did you visit Thessaloniki?


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