Recalling Greece 2012 {Berea & Varleem}

Today, we left Thessaloniki and headed into Central Greece and went up to Berea (Acts 17:10-15). There we saw a monument built for Paul and since we had been in the bus for a while we stopped for a cup of coffee and baklava because baklava. 😉

Monestary Varlaam Greece 2012

After Berea, we went to Varleem to see an ancient monetary still in use today, which meant all the girls in jeans were given skirts to wear over their pants. We were given a fascinating tour by a monk or monk in training. The view from the top of the monastery down could easily give one vertigo.

Monestary Varlaam Greece BLOGOn the drive down to a local handprinted iconography shop, we stopped to enjoy the view. Not sure how many people stop to enjoy Central Greece but it was a stunning and magical part of the country. At the iconography shop we watched an artisan hand paint classic greek orthodox icons and gold leaf them. We ended up purchasing a mid size icon featuring the Holy Trinity visiting Abraham, I hung it on our wall of the world in our dining room over our Kitchen table which features items and unique pieces from all over the world.

Meteora Greece0002_BLOG

That night we stayed in the valley at a small hotel all to ourselves, and by ourselves I mean our group of 50. There were no restaurants, shops or things to do any where near us. It was so quiet and out of the way which was nice considering our next and final hotel would be in the busy city of Athens.

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