Wear it Wednesday | Valentines Day 2016

Oh Valentine’s Day. You are either loved or hated, there is no in between. Except from the men. They could take you or leave you. And that leaves us ladies in a predicament. Why don’t you come with a dress code?

Don’t worry, I, Kayla (the accidental nomad) and Shelby (of Adventurous Shelby) are here to help with your predicament ladies!

I have 5 looks for you today and I am just so excited to share them with you! Hopefully you will have at least one of them in your closet or perhaps you have just enough time to run out and grab the piece that you’re missing.

Look 1: the look I wish I could wear…


I love this look because of the combination of textures. It works because everything is so sleek and complimentary. I love the pop of red with the blazer and heels and the subtle blush of the jewelry.

Look 2: the look I’d probably wear…



i love dresses and i would totally rock this look if I had these pieces. However, I do not. If you do, rock it, lady!!! I love how the sweater would fit so well over the shape of the dress with a little asymmetrical tone. The jewels are simple but will work under the sweater and out in the open provided you took the sweater off. Booties are always a winner.

Look 3: the other look I’d probably wear…


This look is SO me. I love the classy-casual feel this look has. The blazer, booties and jewelry gives a put together look to the casual feel of the distressed skinnies and Valentine’s tshirt.

Look 4: the look I probably will be wearing…



This look is one you could easily catch me wearing. A fun, bright festive sweater with a cami under, flare jeans, sneakers and simple jewelry with a clutch. I don’t have this exact outfit or even a bright red sweater like this but I’ve got a black and white striped one with pink Chucks so close enough.

and finally, Look 5: the look that makes me laugh and I wish I’d be wearing…


This look cracks me up and I couldn’t choose between the pizza shirt and the creep shirt – dealer’s choice. Personally I think I’d go with the creep shirt because it makes me cry laughing tears. But this look is perfect for the girl that’s not planning on going out, doesn’t have a kid in school and is perhaps single. Comfy pants, Comfy yet stylish sweater, cutesy graphic t, top knot, cozy funny slippers and a candle for coziness. Glasses if you wear em. Don’t bother with those obnoxious contacts. I give you permission: Be yourself, be cozy, be comfortable on Valentine’s day no matter what you’re doing!

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