Recalling Greece 2012 {Delphi}

After Berea, we left Central Greece and headed to Delphi, also known to the locals as the birthplace of the world.

Delphi Greece on Adventurous ShelbyThere was no biblical significance to Delphi except to better understand the ancient Greek culture. Delphi is situated in a mountain pass, close to the sky and therefore closer to the gods. Apparently before the earth was born, it’s mother Hera flew all around looking for the perfect place to give birth, and decided here or there I guess was the best place. They say it’s the birthplace of the world because that is where the earth’s ‘belly button’ is. (it’s an outie by the way)

Delphi Greece0002BLOGI loved the scenery of Delphi, and listening to our very Greek tour guide, Eva tell us the grecian stories of hercules, the story of the 300 and more as we drove down the mountain into Athens.

Delphi Greece0005BLOGAt this point in the trip, I was legit sick. Pawning meds from everyone on the bus, and mostly listened to Eva’s stories while laying down as to not add motion sickness to my list of ailments as we came out of the mountains.

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