Tangle Free Listening

I CANNOT live without my phone and most recently I can’t live without my headphones from Tweedz. I use these EVERYDAY. I like to listen to podcasts when I am cleaning around the house, so I turn on my podcast, put in my headphones and can vacuum and still hear the lovely She Percolates ladies the whole time. Or when I head to Starbucks for some me time, more like me & coffee time with work thrown in there. I need my headphones to keep me from totally eavesdropping on the conversation next to me…you know we all do it!

Tweeds headphones

So why are these my go to headphones? Well, over the years, I have had a lot of headphone or ear buds, one mostly because I can’t find a good fit or my cats eat them/chew them to bits before I can really come to a conclusion. Now, I have small ears those classic white headphones that come with your fancy new iPhone, they slip and slide out of my ears in a second. And there is no way I can run or vacuum the house with them in. Tweeds come with 3 different sized foamy bits to make sure you get the right fit. Second, they don’t tangle. Period. These tangle-free ear buds take no time, literally zero to pull them out of my bag and plug in…no more awkward hurry and get them untangled before that weird guy at the coffee shop starts to talk to you…And if you run you know when you get sweaty sometimes if you brush your headphone cord wrong they come out because well, your sticky and it seems like they stick to everything…no more of that! Plus they come in a variety of colors, I got the classy white and gold!


Wish I had these babies on our recent trip to the UK & Paris, I listened to music or caught up on podcasts each time we traveled, which honestly was a good portion of the trip. What is better than seeing the Scottish Highlands and listening to Chvrches, bet you didn’t know they were scottish?!

Tweeds headphones

I couldn’t be happier with these headphones. The only downside to these is there isn’t a microphone, so I can’t talk on the phone with these as I would with another pair.

Full Disclosure: *I was provided with this product for free from the manufacturer*

One thought on “Tangle Free Listening

  1. I’ve never really got on with the little ear buds like this. Must have weird ears or something! I love the idea of having headphones that don’t tangle up. I’m always spending ages trying to untangle my headphones before I can use them which can be a really challenge if I’m trying to push the buggy or something like that.
    Love the video 😀

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