Recalling Greece 2012 {Athens}

Finally, the big attraction. Athens, really who goes to Greece without doing the Acropolis, Mars Hill and a little wondering around!


We started our day in Athens by visiting Mars Hill, which over looks Athens and is near level with the mount on which the Parthenon is built. Following Mars Hill we joined the masses at the Parthenon, although wonderful in all it’s splendor it has been destroyed a number of times, only to be rebuilt.

Mars Hill GreeceBLOG
Us on Mars Hill, the problem with wanting photos of yourself at places when you have a BIG camera is you’re never in focus…oh but the memories make up for it

Currently they are taking down the remaining ‘original’ facade and placing it in the New Acropolis museum, so if you get to Athens one day be sure to visit the museum and see the ‘original’ facades which were magnificent.

Acropolis Greece0005BLOGWe went with a small group there later that afternoon. We had some amazing Greek food, wondered around, may have gotten lost…


This is one of my favorite photos from this trip because it’s perfectly clear that we have no idea where we are or where we need to go…Yeah for not knowing Greek! Except those boys do but the ancient type that they could only read and translate…not speak! Seminary husbands…

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