Recalling Greece 2012 {Corinth}

Our last visit in Greece was off to Corinth, ancient Corinth was again a few miles from the modern city, which was down closer to the sea.

Acropolis Greece_BLOG

At this point in the trip, I was truly miserable but at the same time I had a wonderful time. We didn’t take many photos here but the ruins were gorgeous. After walking around the area, we visited a pottery shop that makes replica ancient Grecian pottery. It was gorgeous but was too expensive for us to buy anything. The only souvenirs we brought back was a small charm with a peridot stone and olive oil for Travis.

Greece 2012 | Adventurous Shelby

The next day was the longest day of my life we flew out of Athens to Turkey, then boarded a plane to Chicago before ending in Dallas. 27 hours in a day! oi!

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