Always Hungry Solution

On Tuesdays we talk food, then on Wednesdays we wear pink just kidding but on Tuesdays we do talk food here and for the last almost 2 months, I have been sharing the recipes and results from our Portlandia Cookbook Challenge! Not today though, because on February 1 my husband and I started the Always Hungry diet/lifestyle/solution/whatever you want to call it.

I will be honest, I love carbs (#allthecarbs is one of my favorite hashtags) and I am no stranger to full fat yogurt, milk, etc. While it was insanely easier than I thought to cut out sugar, the carbs was harder for me. Bagels are the best in my book, but not for you according to author Dr. Ludwig.

Always Hungry SolutionPhase 1 was the first 2 weeks of the month; no added sugars, no honey, no maple syrup the idea is to reprogram your tastebuds into enjoying what is already supernaturally sweet in nature. And using up the fat storage in your body and replacing it with protein and good fats. We ate a lot of beans, lean meats, cheese, dairy (full fat), nuts, veggies and berries. Our favorite meals will be in next Tuesday’s food post!

So now the big question, after nearly a month…did I loose weight?

No. But I lost inches, my skinny jeans I have worn for the last 2 years are either finally stretched out or my thighs aren’t as meaty as they used to be. I’m not down a pant size unless we talk about my already sort of loose KFTK skinny jeans that have always fit like straight leg jeans. I truly believe I might be a true 2 in those.

I didn’t start this to ‘lose’ weight. I did this to support my husband who has had trouble loosing weight. And even though his weight lose was less significant, he feels better. We now eat better, less to no carbs, pile on the veggies, and snack on fruit, nuts and dark chocolate. Yep you read that right, we had chocolate!

I can’t wait to share our favorite new recipes with you next week! Nothing was dull or boring!

Want to try the Always Hungry? Lifestyle, grab a copy HERE

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