Preparing for a Road Trip

Ok, so you know where you are going! That is great! But now what?

Preparing for a Road Trip


Decide if you are getting a house sitter/pet sitter. If so, you can leave a detailed list to your sitter explaining when to pick up mail/packages. Take the dog out for a walk or feed the kitties. Be sure to leave vet information and license numbers, photos in case of an emergency.

Be sure to have changed the air filter.

If you have a Nest, set your away settings, or program your thermostat.

If you have programable lights, set them up for while you are away and let your house sitter know, when lights will be on.


Lay everything out, plan to layer if the weather seems unpredictable. Always pack one jacket, rain jacket, boots and plenty of tees and jeans. Dresses are great for warmer weather as they take up less suitcase space.

Check the weather, for while you are away at all the locations you are planning to visit and your home location.

Nebraska, 2013
Nebraska, 2013

When we visited Kansas, Nebraska, the Dakota’s and so forth in 2013, I left Colorado in sandals…2 days later I was in boots and all the layers when a snow storm rolled into Nebraska. Be prepared for anything and everything!


Visit you local mechanic.

If you need a oil change go do it before you start and have them thoroughly look everything over before you head out. If you are going into some crazy weather ask them if you need to expect anything while in that while you are away.

What is your favorite road trip prep tip?


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