Enjoying the Road Trip

On the road again…some people are made for road trips, they love the change in scenery and the pit stops every 100 miles. Some don’t, sitting for too long leaves them bored and their butt hurts…how do you make a road trip enjoyable for all?

Enjoying the Ride

So, your on the road enjoying the mountains, the sights and the food…but how do you combat boredom?


My music loving husband keeps all his music on his phone. For the average person this is not a big deal. For my husband his 128Gb iPhone doesn’t have enough room…and gasp! He has had to lower the file quality to make it all fit! So while we quite literally have several DAYS worth of music the hard part about being the passenger is deciding what to play next…


I love to listen to podcasts, I listened to a few on our road trip through England, Wales and Scotland. Travis prefers music but catching up on Serial is always a good option too. I prefer to listen to podcasts the way I watch Netflix, I binge on the regular.

My favorite podcasts are: She Percolates, Serial, Limetown, The Message

I tend to listen to podcasts by myself, Travis isn’t a fan unless it’s Serial and even then he has trouble driving and focusing on the story. Plus sometimes with the road noise it’s hard to hear the interviewee.

Road Trip Games

I know some folks love to play the Alphabet game or license plate game, are there any others you enjoy playing? It’s not a game but I love to spot the license plate from the furthest away!


Personally, I love to journal and although journaling in the car is bound to eventually make me sick, I tend to have some pretty amazing thoughts on the road.

I also often times see things I want to paint of sketch. Sadly the car is not the place to do this, instead I tend to take photos to sketch and color later. Travis is pretty good to pull over for me to grab a photo or two so long as it doesn’t turn into a photo session…

How to do you combat boredom on road trips?

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