My Favorite Road Trip Memories

As, I mentioned on March 7th, we took a lot of road trips as a kid. We drove to Florida, Colorado and all over Texas, which totally counts! 

Road Trip Memories | Adventurous Shelby Blog

I’ll never forget going to Florida when I was like 6 we drove to Florida and had a beach house on the water for us and a few other families. We visited a few parks and played in the sun all week long. But the best memories are Justin’s teenage mutant ninja turtle camera- which I was totally enthralled with, sleeping in bunk beds in the hall, our family friend John having margaritas and doing sparklers on the patio thus igniting the beach bushes on fire down below, and me coming down with chicken pox…

Road Trip Memories | Adventurous Shelby Blog

We went back to Florida in 2010, and shared this beach house with the family. The best part about that trip was the parents, all got plastered drunk the first night, while the responsible kids, watched and enjoyed their pain the next day. There was no more alcohol consumed on that trip!

We also took several trips to Colorado as a kid, my mom would have to drive wolf creek pass in Colorado because my dad didn’t like it. We always stopped in Roswell, NM. We didn’t get him there but we had an inflatable purple alien named BOB who used to ride around in the back of my mom’s tahoe. So, when we went to NM a few years after getting BOB, he of course went to see his family!

Road Trip with BOB

This one wasn’t so much of a road trip, we took the Amtrak to Arizona. Haley remembers the train went through Mexico on our way out of El Paso, so when we rode back into New Mexico, they stopped the train and did a border search.  Once we arrived we rented a car and went to the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, via route 66 and went to the cutest diner! The train ride was fun and a unique way to do ground travel!

The summer before I got married, 2006, we went on our last ‘family’ vacation as my dad put it. It was in a way a road trip, as there was a lot of driving involved once we flew to our destination, Anchorage, Alaska. From Anchorage we drove to Seward, and did a half day cruise to the pacific in the fjord. And we drove up to Denali National Park and Fairbanks.

Road Trip Memories | Adventurous Shelby Blog

In Denali NP we took a bus to the interior of the park to Kantishna, on roads that I never want to drive on. But we saw bears, moose, elk and a hoard of deer and eagles along the way.

Road Trip Memories | Adventurous Shelby Blog

When in Alaska, you always stop and take a photo inside a pipeline… and incase you didn’t know it todays PIN IT photo at the top of the blog is beautiful Mount Denali, once named Mount McKinley for unknown reasons.


Travis and I took our first road trip, to Kansas, Nebraska, the Dakota’s, Montana and Wyoming in 2013, it was a crazy trip with some interesting experiences. We stopped in Kansas for the preverbal Kansas picture…


hiked in 10 degree weather and blowing snow and saw deer in Nebraska…

White Tailed Deer, Nebraska, 2013
White Tailed Deer, Nebraska, 2013

Saw Mount Rushmore…

Mount_Rushmore in the Snow_FB

and went to Devil’s Tower.

hike, devils' tower, Wyoming, 2013, road trip,
hike, devils’ tower, Wyoming, 2013, road trip,

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