Hometown Series: Waco, Texas

This month, I’m doing what I am calling the hometown series. For those of you who are new to Adventurous Shelby, my husband and I have had quiet a few “hometowns” over the last 8.5 years of marriage and I want to start with our first hometown outside of our college hometown, I promise to share that one at another time! But after only a year of being married we moved from our college town, Nacogdoches, Texas to Waco for my husband to attend Truett Theological Seminary at Baylor University and a place we called home for 4 years. 

Hometown Series | Waco Texas

As much as I loved Waco, I had a hard time for the first few years. Wondering around post Bachelor degree, trying to make friends while my husband was in graduate school and I worked full time. In the end after 4 years, we left Waco and consider it our Texas home.

Recently, Waco has become really popular from the Fixer Upper people, I don’t watch so…this list about Waco, isn’t going to include them or their stuff cause, I’ve never been and I’m sure if you like them then you know where to go already and don’t need me to tell you.

Cameron Park Zoo– I grew up in Houston and have a very high expectation for zoos, while living in Waco, we went to the zoo. I don’t remember the context of the visit, it may have been with friends, but I can tell you I was wildly impressed. They had a great amount of exhibits and a lot of room for the animals. They didn’t feel ‘on display’ which I admire. I recommend going in the spring and fall as it’s just too hot for you or the animals in the summer…plus it’s less crowded!

Waco Mammoth National Monument– We visited the Waco Mammoth Site before it was crowned with the National Monument honor, for my husbands birthday in 2011 I think. I know it was before we moved and it was before baby sister got married so it has to be 2011.


Baylor University– of course this made the list. While hubby was getting his graduate degree, I worked at the university and feel deeply embedded to the culture there. The campus is beautiful to walk and maybe you can get a peek at the bears if it’s not too hot out!

Baylor Baseball Game, 2009
Baylor Baseball Game, 2009

Bearathon– the toughest half in Texas, is held every year in Waco and the course runs through the park and along the Brazos river and if you’ve ever walked/hiked Cameron park then you know the terrain is not the easiest. Runners are encouraged to sign up and race, as this is usually held in March/April when the weather is decent!

Dr. Pepper Museum– While living in Waco, we played tourists one weekend with my family and visited the DP museum. It was so fun and interactive perfect for kids and adults, and it’s air conditioned perfect for summer visits!


Texas Ranger Hall of Fame– you know the wild west type not the baseball team. Although, we never made it to this attraction, we’ve heard GREAT things about it. And it’s on our to-do list when we visit again!

Next week: Colorado Springs, CO

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