Wear it Wednesday | My Body Shape

This is a post, Kayla and I wanted to write but worried what we would say. I mean, so this is my body and yeah…but I wanted this post to be a refection of my past view of my body & fashion sense and where I am and how I see myself now! I want to start this post with something I wrote in October 2014 for Deidremme’s Fashion Fits All Series, Original Post HERE. Or read on below…

Hi, I’m Shelby! I am 5’2” with crazy bohemian waves and thick caramel blonde hair. My ‘little’ sister, Haley, and I are 2 years and 9 months apart. I say ‘little’ because she is 5’9” tall, she has dark brown hair with amazing kinky curls, the kind women cry over because they can’t ever have curls like hers. She loves to wear heels and is and always has been super stylish.

Me and Baby Sis, she is way too tall in flats
Me and Baby Sis, she is way too tall in flats September 2014

From an early age I looked up to my sister, seriously I think we were the same height when I was in the 6th grade and she was in 3rd. We also moved that year and had to change schools. The dynamic between Elementary School and Junior High is insane. There is almost a protective bubble still in Elementary. Let’s just say I didn’t fit in with the new cliques so I got comfy in my blue jeans, tee shirts, glasses and art class.

In high school, I had figured out a way to be a wall flower for the most part and was kind to everyone. I was still wearing those same tee shirts and blue jeans…my sister on the other hand went from Junior High Cheerleader to Freshman Cheerleader. Always willing to tell people what she thought and very loud. My teachers couldn’t believe we were sisters. She was popular, in with the cool kids. She dressed cute halter tops, but never skirts. Her legs are so long she was self conscious about not only the boys AND girls would think if she wore a short skirt but if she would get in trouble from Administration.

Me, Mom & Haley
Me, Mom & Haley summer 2015

One night in high school, (by the way, we went to the same university too) I told her that she had no idea how lucky she was to have beautiful curly hair. She responded with you don’t know how lucky you are to not be towering over all the boys. We were so even. It never occurred to me that my size was an advantage when dating. She was taller than any boy she had ever dated. She loved that I could wake up and decide to curl my hair, leave in natural or straighten if I wanted to, whereas she needed at least 2 hours to flat iron her curls. She is tall, lanky and model-esque. I am short, a bit stockier and fairly average. Haley’s closet was always full of cuter, dressier and more daring clothes. Mine was full of tees.

I am in my mid/late 20’s and like to think I now know a thing or two about fashion and style. Clothes that make me feel pretty and confident. Something I call bohemian casual. I crave native designs and natural fibers. You can find me in skinny jeans almost any day of the week. I wear moccasins and gladiator style sandals. Cardigans are a natural part of my wardrobe. Maxi dresses are about as dressy as I get. I like clothes that fit me. I frequently wear those skinny jeans I was telling you about with a tee or tank. If it’s cool, I throw on a cardigan and call it a day. There are always days I wish I had this or that or the cool new thing but it’s the classics that make me feel confident. A chambray oxford and dark indigo skinnies with moccasins are my jam all day pretty much any day.

Haley’s style is different than mine and it’s ok. She dresses for her career and is very professional; what she wears makes her confident. She has an an important job and needs to look it. However, our evening and weekend wear is the same, sweat pants and tees.


WHY does it matter if my clothes make me feel good? Because it’s how we feel in what we wear that gives us the confidence to do our best job. No matter where you are or what your doing. If what you wear that makes you confident and do well at whatever you do, then it is important. It’s not about ‘fitting in’ it’s about showing how you are through your clothes, style and accessories. Fashion is an art and it’s for everyone. How we use fashion to embrace our bodies and show off who we are is different for everyone.

So, it’s been a year and a half since I wrote that, originally posted October 2014. Since then my style has changed so much and I’ve learned so much about my body shape and my body! I am defiantly rectangular with somewhat curvy hips and average to broad shoulders.

Stitch Fix Style Party, January 2015

How do I dress this? How do I flatter my hips? What inseam is actually right for my legs? I’ve always bought regular…

I learned I need to:

1) love my body it isn’t perfect but we are working on taking care of each other

2) just cause I love LOVE it on a supermodel doesn’t mean it’s right for me

3) I don’t wear professional clothes…as a work from home professional skinny jeans and a top are still my jam and perfect for looking ‘dressed’ when I need to take Asher out or run to Starbucks for a jolt of caffeine

Mom and Daughter
Mom and Daughter December 2014

I love to show off my legs, I think they are fabulous, as are my arms, shoulders and back. I’d flaunt my cleavage too if there were more to flaunt…from the boobs to my butt is what I try to hide. When I see clients avoid flaunting their midsections, I’m all like “I get it girl, we all have problem areas!” But at the same time I like to nudge them towards showing them their assets! Stop thinking about your midsection and look how awesome your arms are in this cold shoulder blouse…sometimes I need to pep talk myself when I get dressed they way I talk to clients.

Dressember, Golden Gate, 2014
Dressember, Golden Gate, 2014

I have a love hate relationship with my hips…I like shirts to feel tighter at my hips giving me a bit of a figure and at the same time I hate my hips for that exact same reason. I like that they can give me more figure, especially since I have a smaller bust. And I hate them because it feels like that is the only curves I have. #truestory

Yosemite, 2014
Yosemite, Summer 2014

One of my fashion rules is loose top, tight bottoms or tight top loose bottoms. I feel more balanced when I dress this way, too much loose and I feel like I’m wearing a bag and too tight and I feel like I’ve been liquified and you can see all my flaws…

This week, think about your body shape what do you enjoy flaunting? What do you avoid…are you brave enough to try something new on your body shape this year?

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