The Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips

Hi readers, we are in full swing spring here in the central valley, the windows are open, and breeze is blowing and it is time that glorious time of the year for…spring cleaning? What! I can’t be the only one who looks forward to purging the old? Mostly to make room for the new but also to take a good inventory of what I have, need, and can giveaway! So here are my go-to spring cleaning tips for the warmer season!

The top 5 spring cleaning tips on Adventurous Shelby

  1. One room at a time– this means once you start in this room you don’t get halfway through and start another room. I like to dedicate 4 hours to each space. Remember, I live in a 900 sp foot apartment with my husband and our pets. If you have a 3000 sq. foot house, give yourself more time, maybe one room a week? Especially if you are busy & work! Don’t try to tackle the whole house in one day!
  2. Bring in everything you need to be successful– bring in the window spray, paper towels, trash bags and extra tubs for a donation bin, trash, and things that belong in other spaces. By adding things to the it belongs in another room tub, you aren’t leaving the room you are working in frequently, keeping you focused at the task at hand! This is also a great way to help kids clean their own room!
  3. Start at the top– fans and framed photos and work your way down to the floor, that way all the dust and dirt is there when you vacuum at the end
  4. Always, vacuum at the end– once you’re done rearrange and vacuum! Also, with the warmer weather, try vacuuming more often, my pets shed so bad in the spring, I take them out on our patio and brush them in the evenings and on the weekends but regularly vacuuming will help you home feel cleaner trust me!
  5. Finally, take out the Trash & Donations– after you have enough to take to your local thrift store be sure to load it all into your car and take it! I know too many people that put things aside to giveaway and then it sits there for days, weeks or even months! I promise it will take you 5 minutes, and will benefit those less fortunate!

Readers, what is your go to spring cleaning tip?

3 thoughts on “The Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips

  1. Great tips! I need to get motivated for spring cleaning. I always forget to concentrate on one room at a time, then get totally frustrated when I’m trying to do everything at the same time..
    Have a good week!

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