Wear It Wednesday | Who I am as a Stylist

Today on Wear It Wednesday, Kayla and I are talking about who we are as Stylists. This is something I find myself wondering. I’ve always been a lover of design and creativity for since as long as I could remember but failed to see fashion as something I could embody until a few years ago.


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As a stylist, I am open-minded. I want to keep as open of a mind when I approach each client I style and each new trend that comes by. For example: I was introduced to the cold-shoulder trend in the fall of last year, 2015. I’ll be honest I wasn’t a fan but I didn’t hate it. I was hesitant to send it out, as I think most people were a little apprehensive but as the season went on I found more and more people asking for it and more cold shoulder pieces in stores, being worn by models and bloggers! By January, I was coveting the cold-shoulder sweaters in inventory and sending them to clients right and left, looking to flaunt a little extra skin at the end of winter. It helps that bloggers get excited about the trend, once bloggers really get on-board it’s not so much about what the runways are doing it’s what fashion bloggers and brands are doing for everyday fashionable people. Is there one style you are thinking of trying but aren’t quiet sure? Do it! The worst thing that could happen is you decide it’s not for you! Be brave!

As a stylist, I listen. It’s my job to hear my clients, through feedback, requests and Pinterest board. I want to hear my clients, I want to send you pieces you LOVE and feel gorgeous in.

Adventurous Shelby


As a stylist, I know it’s not about me. It doesn’t matter what styles I totally love or don’t, it matters what YOU want and need. I’m totally not edgy, one look in my closet and I think we could all agree, I’m NOT edgy. My one pair of ankle zipper jeans don’t make me edgy…if anything they are a change in detail for my casual style. The only thing that matters is that I can help YOU look cohesive and chic, no matter your style; preppy casual, romantic boho, or edgy glam. But it is my job to occasionally push you outside your comfort zone in a good way!

Fashion Inspiration

As a stylist, I’m always trying to stay on top of all the new trends. Stay tuned for next week’s Wear It Wednesday to see all my sources of inspiration! 😉

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