My Spring Closet Cleanse

So, a few weeks ago, I talked about the top 5 spring cleaning rules, I live by. Today we are going to do a more in-depth cleaning of our closet! I like to cleanse my closet 2 times a year, once in the fall in preparation of cooler weather and again in the spring for the warmer weather. Ready?

The closet cleanse spring edition on Adventurous Shelby

When cleaning out my closet for the warmer weather the key is:

Keep: a few layering pieces out for cool mornings & evenings

Put away: heavy coats, scarves, hats, gloves, boots

Pull out:  your shorts, skirts, sandals, tees, tanks, swimsuits and dresses

I keep all my out of season pieces in clear tubs, perfect to see what is in them before I go digging!

Before putting away, look at your pieces, do some of them need to be replaced? If so, now is a great time to grab scarves and gloves for like 75% off! Also get your coat dry cleaned so it’s ready to wear come the first cold snap in the fall!

After you have put away & pulled out start looking at what you need for the season, try on your pieces. Make sure they still fit, if not add them to a donation pile or give to a smaller member of the family. If you plan to loose weight then hold on to them for 30 days, if you can’t get into them after that donate and replace.

Make a thorough list and replace those items before you need them! Because if you wait you will impulse buy and possibly overspend, by knowing that you need certain pieces now, you can look online and hopefully grab a 10% off coupon! 😉

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