Hometown Series: Modesto, California

So far, we have called Modesto home for a year and a half. We still struggle through the warm, ok HOT summers but the mild winters are a win for everyone.

Hometown Series | Modesto California

Although, it may not be your top spot for a vacation destination, Modesto is home to some great year round events and boasts moderate weather perfect for everyone. Modesto is spanish for modest and this is a modest place, with lots of rural farmlands and agricultural work. Surrounded by orchards, Modesto boasts a glorious Saturday & Thursday Farmers Market from April thru November featuring holiday events all the way into December.

Modesto may not sport any natural wonders of it’s own but it’s within 2 hours of Yosemite National Park (we favor the north entrance)

Yosemite, 2014
Yosemite, 2014

and 2 hours from San Fransisco or our favorite Santa Cruz, which is less crowded in the off season and easier to navigate. It’s an easy day trip there to enjoy lunch, walk the pier and drive the coast.


Last year, we ran the Yosemite Half Marathon, held outside the South Entrance and I have to say I am tempted to go back, they have some beautiful Sequoia groves there to visit!

Yosemite Half Finisher
Yosemite Half Finisher

We also have the Gallo Winery & Gallo Center. Although the winery is technically outside of Modesto, the home base is located in downtown Modesto.

Modesto Marathon and it’s a qualifier for the Boston Marathon, so this is a great flat race to run for a qualifying spot. Although, I have never run it, it always is scheduled for a Sunday. I volunteered at the Expo this year!

Modesto Marathon Volunteering

Modesto Nuts– Again, if you’re a baseball lover you don’t have to go all the way to the Bay or even Sacramento! Modesto has their own minor league team! Travis and I went last year, the stadium is smaller than the one at Baylor making it for an intimate crowd to say the least!

Modesto Nuts Field

The State Theater- Travis and I recently went to the State Theater for the first time this spring to see a special screening of Son of Saul the Grammy award winning foreign film from Hungry in 2016. The theater is wonderfully decorated in the classic art deco style, with a full stage and lighting set up as well a movie capabilities, with a bar and assortment of foods!

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