My 5 Tips for a Productive day

Good Monday Morning! This seems like the perfect post to motivate you this week with some Productivity Tips, so let’s begin…

Ice Cream Notebook Blog

  1. Write it down!
    1. no more than 3- 5 things and most important on top!
    2. seriously get a good notebook to motivate you, this sweet little ice cream sandwich neapolitan notebook is perfect for my little lists with brown and pink stripes and a blank space to doodle or whatever is perfect for whatever is on my mind and it also lays nearly flat because it’s an open bound book!
  2. Coffee
    1. do I really need to explain this one? Haven’t done it yet? do it now, I’ll wait…
  3. Plan when during your day you will accomplish the items on your list
    1. I like to do a little before I work, a little at lunch time and again after dinner, it breaks up the day and makes me feel I accomplished a lot more than I probably did.
  4. Make time for yourself
    1. After a chore I take a little walk around my complex, to get some fresh air and stretch my legs. After a good trip to target, when I only buy what I need for under $50, I get a Frappacino. It’s all about balance people.
  5. Do it!
    1. Whatever is on your list today do it! If you have a list of 5 things to accomplish then spread them out over the week and be intentional about accomplishing your goals! Don’t forget to enjoy the satisfaction of checking them off!

Ice Cream notebook Cover

How do you create a Productive day at work, home or in your business?

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