Learning to be Unashamed

My friend Stacie, recently introduced me to Christine Caine. Over a cup of coffee, she told me how inspired she was by Caine and thought I’d love her too…I immediately went home and googled her because that is what we do now a days and not 2 days later Booklook bloggers sent me an email that her new book Unashamed would be available for review, I just needed to request it on May 4th. So I set an alarm on my phone.

Unashamed by Christine CaineCaine writes so venerable in Unashamed, in a way not common in the Christian church. There is this persona that as a Christian we have life all figured out and don’t feel shame, guilt or pain from our past. (We totally do by the way) And her ability to be so frank and honest about her pain, other women’s pain and how she is still working through various levels of shame and hurt proves a life with Christ is not all sunshines and rainbows, it’s about the journey to overcome and love those that cause us the most pain.

She also talks about the value women hold, that we too are created in the image of God and His Spirit lives within us. After centuries of making women lesser than and in most places in this world still are whether we aren’t paid the same, or are sold to husbands as wives as indentured servants for a lifetime of service, or are the only ones put on trial for adultery (John 8:1-11), remember we were created by God. We too are creators of art & life and are an integral part of the story being told. The women below amazing inspirations for me:

When I meet strangers for the first time, I feel a little ashamed when it comes out that I’m a Christian. I’m not hiding under a rock over here but I also don’t flaunt my faith. Who can blame me? The things the Christian community says on TV and Social Media is deplorable. We (in general) are a bunch of white, bigots who hate change; the LGBTQ community, Muslims, liberals, conservatives and depending on your denomination the Baptist, the Catholics or the Methodists. And as a white, female, born & raised in Texas as a Methodist, stereotypes are something I really hate being grouped into.

Unashamed by Christine CaineI realized while reading this book, I’m ashamed of a lot more than what the squeaky wheel of the Christian community says & does. I’m ashamed at my short-comings, my perfectionism and failures in my personal and professional life, this list could go on for a while. But half way through the book I stopped to write out some of the things that make me feel ashamed, and why…it was heart-breaking. Making a list made me feel a little bit more ashamed that someone who from the outside looks like she has it all together is ashamed of who she is, daily. It also gave me the opportunity to consider where my shame originates from, why I carry it, and how do I begin to let go?

Unashamed is a book, I will likely read multiple times. I already read it once and am about to go again with a book club. I have pencil markings, underlines and dog-eared some corners. Soon, I may need a notebook to write the things I think while reading. The best piece of advice I feel Caine gives readers is to seek professional help, get a therapist or in her words a counselor. You shouldn’t have to go through the struggles of shame alone and NO ONE should ever feel ashamed to seek medical help.

I suffer from anxiety.

There I said it.

And yet I have never seen a therapist, but one of my resolutions this year is to overcome my personal shame of the burden anxiety gives me and seek professional help to overcome my daily and stress-induced anxiety.

So, do I recommend this book: Yes, especially if you carry guilt, shame or pain from the past.

I received this book in for free for review from Booklook Bloggers. All opinions are my own. Links maybe affiliate and by purchasing through them I receive a small commission.

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