Learning to live a Wild and Free life

I don’t actually know how to begin this post, it’s supposed to be a book review of the new book wild & free by Jess Connolly & Hayley Morgan. While this post evolved from a personal examination into a classic book review. The thing I love about books like this one is the self evaluation I do while reading it, all those underlines and post it notes and such I want to share with you what I’m coming away from the book.

I am a speed reader, I read books the size of this one in days. Usually 2 or 3, tops. But I can’t read more than a chapter a day in this one, it’s not that it’s horribly written or I don’t connect with the material. It’s that I DO.

Wild & Free

I recently read Unashamed by Christine Caine in 3 days, as I usually do and was about to start it again when this one arrived. Since then, I read a chapter each night, underlining as a I go and taking notes of the thoughts, feelings, and past experiences that made me who I am today. Everything about this book is personal for me, the experiences these women have been in or how they protect themselves from the world. Their fears of conflict, Hayley, and their love of the ugly cry, Jess.

Shelby with Wild & Free

This book is still working on me, it’s showing me how I am holding myself captive, instead of running wild & free like my God intends for me.

I received this book for free in return for an honest opinion. Grab a copy for yourself, HERE

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