Sseko 10 ways 10 days Favorite Wraps

So, I got my Sseko ribbon sandals 1 day before the Sseko 10 ways 10 days contest began, I loved the daily periscopes because I had no idea how to style my brand new sandals! How often should I wear my black ribbons or my printed ribbons? Also I washed and ironed my ribbons before I started! Here are my favorite wraps.

Day 1
Day 1

The classic wrap is perfect for when I’m on the go. I like my shoes to feel tight, and hate the idea of them slipping. This wrap is perfect for that. In fact I tried a new wrap one day and changed to this one while we were out and about because my foot was sliding.

Day 3
Day 3

The Twisted Gladiator, I actually wasn’t sure about this one. I followed along on the Periscope tutorial and wasn’t sold after I tied both of them. But wearing them the next day to go run errands, surprised me at how tight and sturdy this tie was. I’ll be doing this one again!

June 28
June 28

I totally tweeted Sseko asking for a tutorial on this one, it’s called the Y tie? and you can see it on the Sseko ribbon sandals page but there is no video for it. I’m slightly obsessed with this. It looks über complicated and yet it’s effortless and simple. Defiantly my new favorite!

Day 2
Day 2

The Double Cross Tie is also a favorite of mine. It feels tight and secure on my feet and did you notice how well those ribbons match my Elegantees Dressember dress? Coincidence I think not!

Want to learn to tie a new tie for your Sseko ribbon sandals? Visit the Sseko Designs website or this Youtube Search!

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