Fashion Faux Pas: Bralettes

I am calling this series, fashion faux pas because sadly it’s still a little taboo to talk about undergarments online. So, let’s talk bralettes, which contrary to my autocorrect is a thing. I am a small busted gal, 32B over here. I’m cool with that, and for the past year or so, I’ve been really intrigued with the bralette craze. I’m not crazy about wires and uncomfortable bras, personally I think they are a horrible societal norm we should abolish, says feminist Shelby. But I also see advantages to bras like the opportunity to not look like an 80’s Madonna when I go out and support when and where you need it.


I recently became aware of some adorable unlined, no wire bralettes from American Eagle. A few friends & co-workers were raving about them and how much fun it is to allow them to peek out when wearing certain open back or halter top styles this summer. I was intrigued and went to see for myself. That meant I stalked them online for days before gaining up the courage to go to the mall and get one for myself.

As an introvert, and work from home stylist, I see no point in going to the mall. Except I wanted to make sure the sizing was right. In person shopping is stressful for this gal.


I’m not going to lie to you, after I tried one on, I knew I had to have it. I ended up leaving with 3 lace bralettes. None of them in my safe nude color that I wear ALL. THE. TIME. Instead I opted for a racerback in light mint green, cross back in smoke gray and a hot pink classic cut with adjustable straps. It was a bit more pricy than I wanted to spend but I haven’t bought a bra since last July, so I’d say it’s an ok investment.

So, what do I think? Basically these feel like casual and comfortable sports bras that I don’t care if they peek out of tanks. Also, I want them in all the colors and styles…

If you have been wanting to try the bralette trend, I say go for it. My bustier friends agree too, these are cute, provide enough coverage and support. Plus it feels sexy without all those icky underwires and unnecessary frills.

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