Summer Reads: Living with Intent

What is my purpose?

This is a question asked by men & women of all faiths all around the world. In Mallika Chopra’s Living with Intent, readers find a universal way of asking and finding answers to this question. Although, written with words like meditation vs prayer and universe instead of God.

Her approach is easy to understand and her personal experiences are highly encouraging. The only failure is not starting.

INTENT stands for Incubate, Notice, Trust, Express, Nurture, Take Action

Living with Intent

This process of deciding what is important to you and how you plan to develop and work toward these intents is perfect for people of all faiths. I can pray for things all day long but until I begin to actively work toward them nothing will happen. God gives me opportunities to test my intents daily; for example the ability to love myself fully and those around me without judgement.

One of my larger intents is to empower women. This intent came from a difficult job search after moving to Modesto in 2014. I connected with a life coach from the Bay Area that needed an assistant for the Modesto Women’s Expo. She spoke on manifesting what we want in the world and how to obtain these things. So I began to actively think about what I wanted out of my life and my job, and where those two intersected.

Long story short, my job as a Stitch fix Stylist gives me the opportunity to empower my clients to feel confident whether they are a new mom, professional working woman or enjoying retirement. This ability to empower women through their clothes gives me immense joy, I am translating this love of empowerment and turning it to empowering women who make clothes. Those that have been rescued from the Sex trade and need a new skill set to work with dignity while providing for their families.

Chopra’s approach is easy to understand and encourages her readers to try new things that although may feel uncomfortable but will allow you to see what you are capable when you put your mind, body, and soul together to accomplish a goal or understand how to live the life you wish to enjoy.

I received this book for free in return for an honest review. Grab a copy of Living with Intent, HERE

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