Weekend Getaway | Seattle, WA

Travis and I recently went on a last minute weekend getaway to Seattle. There were a lot of reasons to go on this trip, most importantly is we went and had a weekend of fun and some relaxing while not in the 109 degree Modesto heat. 


We started our trip with a day in downtown Seattle at Pike Place Market, we missed them throwing fish around but the masses of people were still there. I saw the most beautiful bouquets of flowers ranging from sunflowers to gladiolus and lilies. We stopped and had lunch at the Athenian restaurant and enjoyed fresh seafood with a gorgeous view of the water.

We then found the very first Starbucks cafe, the line was out the door and around the corner to even get in. We noted the location with hopes of making it back later in the day. Then we started our trek to the Seattle City Center to see the Space Needle, we walked by the EMP museum which looked really cool and we wished we had visited it. Instead we went through the Pacific Science Center and chilled for a few hours watching the new Star Trek movie in IMAX. We were pretty tired as that was a lot of walking.

By the time the movie was over it was time for dinner so we headed back towards Pike Place Market, as there was a lot of eating options in that area. We stopped by Starbucks and sure enough the line was WAY shorter and I was able to pick up a mug for the collection. It was really the only one from there I really really wanted!

Travis had plans the next day in downtown, so I chilled at the hotel video chatting with Kayla and working for a few hours in the lobby. Once Travis returned we chilled, maybe even napped before we headed off to dinner. Some times the best part of a getaway is just not doing anything!

Our last day, we drove down to Olympia. Such a beautiful capital and so much smaller than we thought. We were swooning over the evergreen trees and the high 60 degree weather, seriously…swooning…

Seattle Rain

We missed the rain for the most part, and loved visiting the Evergreen State! Have you taken a spontaneous trip lately? Where did you go? Or where would you go??

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