All about Sseko Designs- empowering girls through fashion

If you’ve been following me on Instagram this summer, you saw my 10 ways 10 days photos at the end of June and you’ve seen my never ending ways I’ve worn my sandals since then. Before June, I bought a Sseko cross body bag through Stitch Fix, which if I am going to be completely honest was my magical ethical fashion-Sseko moment. Since then I have been carrying my cross body clutch on errands, to Giants games, hiking in Oregon and perusing the streets in Seattle. This bag is my new bag-mate, similar to a soulmate!

Stitch Fix 10

But this blog post, isn’t about my bag or even my shoes. It’s about the girls who MADE them. These girls are working and saving through Sseko to go to University and make a better life for themselves. I love the products because they are awesome, and versatile, and comfortable. But I also love that MY PURCHASES matter. My purchase helps girls like Sharon Jr. and Bridget save up for a college education.


When you buy from Sseko, you’re not spending $100 on a bag that pays a girl pennies  on the dollar for the bag. You are putting a girl through college. These classic pieces are perfect for lifetime of wear and use. Trendy enough for wear now, and later.

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I’m thrilled to tell you I am hosting a Sseko Party on Facebook, tonight 8/17 on Facebook at 6 pm PST, HERE

You're Invited!
You’re Invited!

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