Gratitude – a prayer & praise coloring journal

If you’re like me you enjoy worship in a multitude of ways, in the past that has been through journaling and most recent in calming coloring while listening to music or a sermon. It means experimental music, journaling styles and lectino divina.

Gratitude Journal

The Gratitude; a prayer and praise coloring journal, provides readers plenty of room to color, write, draw and express their faith, worries and gratefulness in a lot of unique ways. Each spread has a specific theme with options to write, color, or draw your way to peace and gratefulness.


While I especially love to journal and color, I found pages with less direction- so to speak- gave me more room to write, draw and explore prayer and gratitude more creatively. I loved its small compact size and lightweight, perfect for a trip to the park to have some quiet time. The covers are hard bound while the spine is soft. It sounds strange and even looks a little off but provides you with support as you color and write at the beginning and end of the journal. I found I didn’t have to use this journal in sequential order but I’d flip to a page I felt drawn to and pray and enjoy. Visit the Living Expressions Pinterest board to download some coloring pages at home and inspire creative worship!

This beautiful gratitude journal is perfect for the bible journaling fan in your family, or for a young person interested in creative styles of journaling and worship! Grab a copy from Amazon, HERE

I was provided a copy of this beautiful Gratitude journal for free in return for an honest opinion!

This post contains affiliate links. By purchasing through the links on my blog I receive a small compensation at no additional cost to you. 

2 thoughts on “Gratitude – a prayer & praise coloring journal

  1. i have so many colouring books that I genuinely don’t need another but I do love ones especially bible/God focused ones rather than mandalas etc focused if that makes sense!

    1. Me neither! Every time I see a new one I want it but my completion rate isn’t high enough to justify many more right now!

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