September Fun- Kendra’s California Trip Part 1

Kendra arrived a few weeks ago and we did a lot. After picking her up, drinking some wine and calling it a night. The next day we started her trip going to Yosemite National Park as we wanted to try to avoid the crowds. (this only partly worked)

Yosemite Falls

Even though the falls didn’t have any water, we enjoyed the walk and time in the woods. We ended up doing about 6 miles that day in Yosemite, walking and hiking Vernall falls which if I’m going to be completely honest, I thought we were going to die. Yosemite claims it’s a “moderate” hike…we decided that was wrong.

The day after our attempt at Vernall falls (we only made it to the footbridge) we chilled the next day the apartment; walked to the donut shop and ate donuts, shopped World Market, and even did a little wedding planning! It was nice to have some down time, and just pretend we were roomies in college again!

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