September Fun- Lake Tahoe

The second thing on my parents to do list while in California this trip was to visit Lake Tahoe. Even though I couldn’t make it up on Monday when they headed up, Asher and I made our way up the next day.


It was only 24 hours since they’d last seen Asher and boy did they miss each other! We went down to the water that day and let Asher swim. I say swim as a loose term for walking in shallow water on a sand bar while chasing his water kong.

Asher at Lake Tahoe

On Wednesday, it was recommended that we all hike Echo Lake. Asher and I haven’t been legit hiking since we left Colorado. Even though we were a little unprepared in the footwear department, I didn’t bring hiking boots, we still had fun.

This was my first adventure to Lake Tahoe, even though I’d heard how beautiful it was it really is worth visiting especially in the off season. Always the off season for this adventurer!

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