3rd Annual Prairie Creek Redwoods 5K Race 2016

This was our 3rd year attending the Prairie Creek Redwoods Race in Orick, CA. This year we were a bit more out of shape and hadn’t been to the gym in a while so we opted for walking the race, which was fine by us. We finally got to really enjoy the views and scenery of the beautiful loop trail.

Redwoods 2016

Travis and I agreed it was significantly cooler this year than in the past and I ended up wearing my new tahoe vest dad bought me earlier in the week. We didn’t shatter any records but we did do a slight speed walk, since it was a ‘race’.

Redwoods 2016

After we finished the race, we fueled up on yummy snacks and picked out what to hike and landed on the Skunk Cabbage trail a portion of the Pacific Coastal trail. It was significantly longer than any other trail we’d hiked in the past post race about 5 miles round trip. It wasn’t especially difficult like Damnation Trail from the year before but the length totally wore us out.

We did notice an elk had recently taken the same path, his hoof prints were more obvious than our own. And since this is mating season, we kept an eye and ear out for him since we didn’t want to run into him unexpectedly.

All in all it was a great weekend. The redwoods always leave us feeling rejuvenated and a bit closer. Even if it’s a 6 hour drive each way.

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