Welcome to 31 days 2016

This month it’s all about shopping & fashion for good, learn about new brands and the difference between ethical vs fair trade, why sustainability matters in the fashion industry & how buying made in America is good for the industry!

I will be sharing independent articles, linking back to outside sources and sharing some of my favorite ethically made, sustainably made and made in America brands with you in the next 31 days….stop by the Fashion for Good page to see a recap of all the posts or subscribe to the blog to get all the newest posts in your inbox each day!

Buy Better Button Image

And since it’s Fair Trade month, really it is! I’m also participating in a capsule wardrobe challenge (generally capsule wardrobes are seen as a more ethical because they utilize fewer pieces but more on that next Wednesday) with Kayla The Accidental Nomad Life on Instagram, @kayla_j_nelson. I’ll be sharing photos of my 22 pieces, mixed and matched over the next 31 days. Join us on Instagram @wiw_k.and.s and on Facebook.com/wearitwednesdaywithshelbyandkayla

Happy Styling!


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