Modern Day Slavery

With the Syrian refugee crisis the sex trade and modern day slavery market is exploding. The massive amounts of people looking for opportunities gives slave traders more opportunities to take advantage of the marginalized. Often young girls get ‘offered’ nanny jobs in a big city only to discover once they arrive they are sold to a brothel with no chance of escape.

Elegantees Dolman

What does this modern version of slavery have to do with fashion? Many brands and are working hard to free these young girls (and boys) and give them a skill set to help them rise above and not become victims again. Take Elegantees, this brand specifically hires girls rescued from the sex trade and provides them with a dignified job to earn money and become valuable members of society. With these skills they are less likely to become victims again.

Want to learn more about the modern day sex and slavery trade? I highly recommend Half the Sky

Half the Sky

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