Wear It Wednesday | October Capsule Challenge 2

It’s time for our second Capsule Challenge Update….

Recent Struggles: I didn’t get dressed for like 4 days straight, I was working on my blog, working on work, taking care of my husband and all around just getting through to do lists that didn’t involve getting dressed
October 2016 Capsule Wardrobe Adventurous Shelby

What I wish I had: more athlesuire…like legit nice sweat pants, and fashion sneakers for those days I’d rather not put on pants, denim or even a dress. It’s also been hot so that didn’t exactly encourage me to jump out of bed and put on my nice wardrobe.

Glad I had: my Dressing Your Best Self Capsule Worksheets to seamlessly put on looks when I DID get dressed

October 2016 Capsule Wardrobe Adventurous Shelby

Looks thus far: I also wore my burgundy dressember dress on Monday, as I had a DR appointment but it was hot so just wore with my moccasin flats and my sseko tote!

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