Ethically Made: Krochet Kids Intl.

This is our first Non Profit of the month, Krochet Kids gives 100% of what they make back to the women and communities that they work with. They teach them about business, financial planning, and empower women to go, do, and be successful. They lift them out of poverty with training and education and leave them with all the tools they need to be independent and support their families through successful business. They want to end the cycle of aid in these communities.

Brand: Krochet Kids

Country of Origin: Peru and Uganda

How they give back: Non Profit for the benefit of mentoring and training women to be successful and no longer in need of aid

Products: Mens & Womens tops, hats, scarves, and bags (even Kids!)

What to love about this brand:  Empowerment is the reason why we exist. Our products, our programs, and our community work in unison to help people accomplish this goal. We believe in the capabilities of people.

Our goal is to holistically equip people living in poverty with the skills, education, and resources to change their circumstances forever. Work provides worth. Education breeds innovation. Mentorship nourishes relationships. Through this multifaceted and measured approach we work with each beneficiary to create a path toward independence. (from Here)

Krochet Kids Meet the Women

What I love about Krochet Kids: I probably sound like a broken record at this point but I love that they are empowering women to support themselves and their families. Women around the world don’t have the strong “you can do anything when you grow up” mentality like we do here in the US. These women become the Bread Winners for their families when they complete their training and education from Krochet Kids. Changing communities and empowering people to no longer need aid lifts themselves and eventually their communities out of poverty. Also how can you not love seeing the person’s name who made your garment on the tag? Seriously, the coolest detail ever.

What is on my wishlist:

Krochet Kids Wishlist | Adventurous Shelby Blog write 31 days 2016

From top Left to bottom Right: 5 Sticker Pack// Maya Long Sleeve// Agatha beanie// Pocket Tank// Lace back top

Where to find them online:

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