Ethically Made: Garment Collective

Nepal as been through a lot, with the earthquake in 2015 and the exploding sex trafficking between India and Nepal. But there is so much good. Good garment factories that give women dignified work, opportunities to support themselves, provide for their families and educate their children by keeping them in school. Garment Collective works in conjunction with a manufacturer in Nepal to provide fair pay and safe employment for women in Nepal.

Brand: Garment Collective

Country of Origin: Nepal

How they give back: support women artisans in Nepal with a safe dignified employment, skills training, education and access to a mentor and counselor

Products: Women’s clothing

What to love about this brand:  Our garments are fair trade and made by valued people with stories, talents, dreams and families they love and want to provide for. We believe ALL people deserve to live out redemption. So when it comes to those making the fabric or those bringing my designs to life, they are valued and treated well and we only work with fabric suppliers who have these same standards.

Here is a quote directly from our manufacturer:

“We believe ethical employment + ethical fashion is not just about fair wages. We have a work environment free of discrimination, where people are treated fairly and equally regardless of gender, race, religion or caste. We are committed to fostering and maintaining a safe and dignified work place; creating an atmosphere where employees have a voice; and working toward the continuous growth of each person.” (from HERE)

Garment Collective |Adventurous Shelby Blog

What is on my wishlist:

Garment Collective Wishlist |Adventurous Shelby Blog

From Left to Right: Cotton drape tee// Floral Pocket Dress// Zip-Pocket Tee// Pinstripe button-down

Where to find them online:

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