Finished Reading: The Curated Closet

Rees first book is a look at created a closet that defies trend and focuses the reader on creating a wardrobe that they feel confident in and get the most use out of through an in depth closet cleaning, defining of style, identifying pieces that readers want to wear again and again and inviting them to get creative in making it work for their lifestyle and needs.

The Curated Closet Book Review on Adventurous Shelby Blog

Stunningly beautiful but packed full of information, this book easily guides readers through short chapters and advice on how to create a style that works for you. Rees is not a fan of body shape styling as she feels it is just code for making people look thinner no matter what shape or weight you are and that is not the goal in styling. Instead, she wants readers to assess what they like and how they feel in their clothes, inviting them to try on cuts, colors, and styles outside their comfort zone and learn how to pair their favorite things into a ensemble that works for them.

Overall, this was a fascinating read and I now have a long and in-depth list of the necklines, waistlines, dress cuts and colors that work for me and are currently already in my closet. As well as pieces I need to add in the future to round out my personal wardrobe perfect for year round wear!

If you’re a fashionista you’ll find this to be a delightful in depth read. If you’re looking to create a wardrobe and closet that works for you this book maybe of some help but give yourself plenty of time to get through it. This is not a one weekend and done sort of thing, this is a process that I could see taking a full year to really get through. But won’t you be stylish at the end!

Grab a copy, HERE

I received this book free for review in return for my honest opinion.

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