Fair Trade: Olibérte

If you haven’t heard of Olibérte this is a fair trade brand based in Ethiopia. I find their styles to be much more masculine and rougher, although finished and on-trend for year round wear. A fabulous fair trade option for the guy or gal in your life!

Brand: Olibérte

Country of Origin: Ethiopia

How they give back: Fair Trade certified; fair wages, safe work environment

Products: Mens, Womens and Babies shoes, as well as leather bags

Oliberte Web Page

What to love about this brand: Oliberté is a sustainable brand supporting workers’ rights in sub-Saharan Africa. We believe in empowerment, transparency, and doing right by all. This means making premium quality products with a lifetime warranty, and it means treating every employee, everywhere in the world, with respect. In 2009, we started off as a small footwear company partnering with factories and suppliers in Africa. Since then, we gained enough momentum to launch our very own factory in 2012. We make every single pair of Oliberté shoes at this factory in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In September 2013, we also became the world’s first Fair Trade Certified™ footwear manufacturing factory. (from HERE)

What I love about Olibérte: My husband actually knew about Olibérte before I did. He heard about them through one of the bands he follows and immediatly bought himself a pair of chukka boots. He visited Ethiopia when we were in college, so the people there hold a special place in his heart. I love that my husband has a brand that he can truly love and get behind. The little elephant stuffy is perfect for all my friends with new babies!

What is on my wishlist:

oliberte-wishlist write31 days 2016 | adventurous shelby blog

From Left to Right: YABELA Boots// Elephant Stuffy// KINSHA sneakers// TABA shoulder bag

Where to find them online:




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