USA: Better Life Bags

Mommas know the real life struggle of needing the perfect bag and still looking stylish. Wait. I’m not a mom, and I still have this struggle. But a fabulous, leather and print fabric bag, made just the way I want? Does that even exist? Yes, my dear it does and it’s made in America.

Brand: Better Life Bags

Country of Origin: Detroit, MI, USA

How they give back: Employ women who have various employment barriers

Products: Women’s purses, backpacks and totes

What to love about this brand:

What I love about BLB: I’m all about the customization y’all. And the endless possibilities are so fun! Every time I think I see the one on Instagram, there is a new one I love possibly even more. I think the backpacks are adorable and whats not to love about a brand that makes fabulous products here in US with women who may not have been employed without this great brand.

What is on my wishlist:

Better Life Bags Wishlist | Adventurous Shelby Blog

Left to Right: Alicia Crossbody// Leather Tassels// Harper Backpack

Where to find them online:

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