Wear it Wednesday | Capsule Wardrobe 4

Welcome back! It’s the FINAL capsule wrap up for the Wear it Wednesday Capsule Challenge and 31 days! Get excited!

Recent Struggles: As usual, I didn’t get dressed every day as a work from home employee, it’s much harder than it sounds. Although I find myself having a better routine when I am dressed. Strange huh?

October 2016 Capsule Wardrobe Adventurous Shelby

I wish I had some earthy flannel to wear. I love my purple flannel and it’s real flannel not plaid print, there is a difference and I can’t stand when people just want plaid but say flannel…anyways….neutral plaid flannel would be better suited for my fall/winter wardrobe than purple and turquoise.

Glad I had: my Dressing Your Best Self Capsule Worksheets to inspire me when I wasn’t and my new Sseko Ballet Flats I bought on Poshmark! Yes, I bought clothes during my capsule & incorporated them in because life is short so wear what you love!


PS I have no idea why my font is screaming at you. Everything says it’s ‘normal sized’ when clearly that is not the case. Technical difficulties I guess. 

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