USA: Wildly Co.

This one is a bit of a wild card for me, I don’t have kids but I can tell you kids are hard to buy for. They create laundry heaps bigger than themselves and they grow out of everything way to fast. So how do ethically minded parents shop for kids? Make all the clothes themselves? Here is another option, Wildly Co.

Brand: Wildly Co.

Country of Origin: USA

How they give back: Working with manufacturers in Guatemala and US to produce goods that benefit all in the process

Products: Made in USA & Ethical Kids Capsule wardrobes

What to love about this brand: Wildly Co. designs, produces, screen prints, and packages ethically made kids clothes in the USA. So, you might be wondering what exactly does “ethically made” mean? At Wildly Co., “ethically made” is defined by: fair labor practices, empowering women, fair trade, giving campaigns, and creating sustainable jobs. Additionally, we hold that same standard with every supplier we have relationships with. Ethically made, for us, really means there’s no part of our business or process we will hide from our customers.  It means the products we make and sell will not be made based on the hardship of another family (from HERE)

Wildly Co Homepage

What I love about Wildly Co: One, Hayley Morgan is adorable and I love her, the Influence Network and Wild & Free. Two, ethically made kids clothes is hard to find. Also the genius idea of capsule kid wardrobes so parents have less laundry and kids can dress themselves. I am not a mom, but this seems like the greatest idea since sliced bread!

What is on my wishlist for my friends kids:

Wildly Co Wishlist | Adventurous Shelby Blog

Girls: Skater Dress// Swing Top// Leggings

Boys: Sport Pants// Jacket// Tee

Where to find them online:

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